10 reasons to become a partner of EL.Mira Beauty Line
  1. Recognizable brand with a good reputation
  2. Favorable conditions for cooperation
  3. Transparency and reliability of partnership
  4. Effective and proven work standards
  5. High-profit business without financial risks
  6. Consistently high demand of business
  7. Exclusivity of the brand in the specified territory
  8. Input of our experience and knowledge for building of your business
  9. Technology of doing a good business
  10. Continuous support in all areas of business development

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EL.Mira Beauty Line offers partnerships on mutually beneficial terms for business people, investors and owners of the beauty facilities.

We offer favorable terms of cooperation and help you organize effective activities in your region if:

  • you intend to create a unique beauty center in your country
  • you plan to set up a business in the field of beauty
  • you have a functioning beauty center, and you intend to bring it to a higher and more profitable level
  • you want to change the format of your beauty business and make it more profitable

Choose your format

  • Standard Package:
  • Exclusive right to use the brand name «Boutique Salon EL.MIRA Beauty» in the assigned territory: one per city.
  • Special offer for hotels and clients who prefer an individual treatment in own personal home SPA
  • Space requirements for hotels
    • Availability of 1-3 treatment rooms for esthetic cosmetology EL.MIRA Beauty Line
  • Space requirements for personal home SPA:
    • Availability of studio-treatment room to place device methodology EL.MIRA Beauty Line area of 35-60 sqm
  • Special package
  • Exclusive right to use the brand name «OASIS EL.MIRA Beauty» in the assigned territory: one per city.
  • Special offer for clients who want create its own beauty salon of premium class, and for medical centers and centers of esthetic cosmetology.
  • Space requirements:
    • Area from 100 sqm.
  • Exclusive package
  • Exclusive right to use the brand name «EL.MIRA Beauty Palace» in the assigned territory: one per city.
  • Special deal for clients who want to build the only unique luxury beauty center in the country.
    • Space requirements: Area from 250 sqm

An indispensable condition for partnership cooperation is the availability of an area of 100 square meters or more and the desire for development in a new format.

Since we are always happy to expand business opportunities, we are ready to work with new partners. On the basis of mutually beneficial partnership we develop a department of cosmetology in your beauty center, SPA, medical SPA, SPA at hotels, aesthetic cosmetology centers, and cosmetology departments at plastic surgery centers.

 Our advantages

We provide our partners with:
  1. Exclusive EL.Mira Beauty Line equipment
  2. Exclusive right to use the brand EL.Mira Beauty Line in established territory
  3. The concept of the new beauty center
    • Consultations on the organization of work of the beauty center
    • control of EL.Mira Beauty Line standards
    • advisory assistance in the development of the design project of a beauty salon
    • Information on new products and trends in modern cosmetology business.
  4. Unique selection of equipment
  5. Highly effective tried and tested authoring techniques
  6. Training and support
    • step-by-step system for launching a profitable beauty center from scratch
    • a unique training and support program for the franchisee
    • a system of continuous education and training of personnel (cosmetologists and administrators)
    • innovative automated salon business management system
    • management, marketing and sales support, adapted to your market
    • marketing support: selling site, ready-made templates of advertising and printed products
  7. Recommendations for marketing strategy
  8. Recruitment for the department of cosmetology
  9. Selection of the personnel for the SPA zone
  10. Help to choose a professional in the cosmetology line and preferential terms for the purchase of cosmetics
  11. Consultation and technical support at all stages of cooperation

We value quality and professionalism, which allows us to remain in demand among clients with different needs.


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