El.Mira Beauty Line – is a highly reputable brand based on holistic concept of conducting cosmetology business. It took major part of my life to build this brand, virtually – a decade!

The constant aspiration for knowledge specifically knowledge pertaining to cosmetology gave me the opportunity to recieve three higher educations: physico-technical (a degree in lasers), medical and international relations at MGIMO University.

It is the application of knowledge in this combination that predetermined the choice of my business, and the success in building this  technological innovative model of hardware cosmetology.Which had been as experimentally tested in the Ambassade de la Beaute Beauty Center in the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku.

Cosmetology drew my interest as a profitable in-demand business, with sound dynamics market indicators growth. My search for optimal solutions lasted about ten years and continues so far. Building an optimal business model for classic beauty center services was relatively simple. The difficulty came about in the creation of aesthetic cosmetology section. At that time, my Intuition convinced me that this was to be the future of non-surgical cosmetology. The market was filled with multiple devices and a variety of technologies and applications even 10 years ago. However,The situation was complicated since there were not enough qualified specialists back then.

We spent years to study and explore the best of what was made in this world. Direct visits and communication with the manufacturers during the trips allowed to process only reliable information. Medical education, and a profound understanding of physical principles of functioning of cosmetic devices, in particular, the laser technique stimulated the ideas to significantly improve the devices and maximize the efficiency at the expense of its comprehensive use. Now, we possess 15 models of cosmetic devices that are manufactured under our brand in the best production facilities of the world.

In parallel with devices manufacturing, we elaborated and certified methodology used in the devices of El.Mira Beauty Line. This is our know-how which allowed to patent 35 device methodologies and 6   certificates of quality compliant with ISO 9001:2015. On top of that, we prepared and developed the business process models to provide services, work with personnel, as well as carried out business, marketing, HR and PR related planning.

We created our own Beauty Center, and all design solutions were invented by our team: from projects, estimates, layout, interior design to optimization and zoning of space. Particular attention was paid to the author’s design and decoration of the beauty space.

The grand opening of the beauty center was celebrated at a reception, attended by many guests, and representatives of the press.

El.Mira Beauty Line acquired the international brand status, after   a lot of effort, steps and financial input of creating a team of beauty experts, who work hard to ensure effective results that lead to a highly profitable business. It is because of this expert team that we have step by step succeeded through the stages of brand building and we are able to share   this ready-made business solution with you.

Beauty Center

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