Diamond Power

Diamond Power is a technology based on the principle of double action polishing of face and body skin with the use of a faceted diamond and the cleaning action of the vacuum with special nozzles.
Diamond Power cleanses the skin, improves the penetration of active cosmetic and therapeutic agents to enhance the effect and prolonged result.

Diamond Power device for the diamond polishing.

Diamond face polishing – the best procedure for renewal and skin cleansing!
Microdermabrasion has long taken its rightful place among the best-selling procedures of aesthetic cosmetology all over the world.
Leading celebrity dermatologists and cosmetologists include this unique procedure in every skin care session.


Peeling with diamond particles of laser cutting is combined with vacuum cleaning.

The device has a set of 10 nozzles of different diameters. They are made of medical steel. The working surface is covered with diamond powder of different levels of granularity.

The device is used for the treatment of small and large areas of the body, hard-to-reach places, as well as sensitive skin.

The peculiarity of the device is the use of non-invasive procedures of mechanical peeling, that is, the absence of damage to the skin.
The effect is noticeable after the first microdermabrasion séance: the skin becomes smooth, elastic, acquires a healthy color, smoothness and softness.

Key Benefits of Diamond Power

The device is equipped with a maximum set of hypoallergenic, hygienic diamond nozzles, as well as a disinfection and sterilization system.

Reliable technology of the system allows performing both superficial and deep cleansing of the face, body, treatment of sensitive areas and point impact on different areas of body.

High efficiency, speed of treatment is combined with reliability of equipment elements. Vacuum pump provides the accuracy of the therapeutic effect.

The procedures are safe, comfortable, non-irritating and works noiselessly,

does not cause erythema – temporary redness due to vasodilation, does not require time to restore the epidermis – the stratum corneum does not peel, there are no seasonal restrictions.

Application area

Diamond Power affects:

  • Eliminates signs of aging of the facial skin, skin around the eyes, hands, and other significant areas of the body, stretch marks and scars
  • oily skin
  • white and black comedones
  • ingrowth of hairs
  • hyperpigmentation
  • sun damage of the skin
  • hyperkeratosis

Diamond Power minimizes:

  • mimic wrinkles
  • cellulite and stretch marks
  • age spots
  • heterogeneity of skin texture
  • expanded pores
  • Pigmented spots.

Diamond Power is also used for:

  • Removal of dead cells and peeling of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, stimulating simultaneously the reproduction of young cells, collagen and elastin.
  • Significant contribution to the penetration of medical and cosmetic products, thereby increasing the effectiveness of treatment and improving the end results.
  • Effective treatment of large areas of skin, as well as difficult to access parts and the particularly sensitive.
  • Diamond peeling is suitable for any age and type of skin. The method has no period of social rehabilitation – skin peeling after Diamond peeling is absent.

Recommended course – 4-6 procedures 1 procedure per week.

Diamond Power – a universal device for peeling.

Turbo Oxy Lift

Turbo Oxy Lift is a high-tech oxygen device for moisturizing the face and body with the use of hyaluronic acid and a complex of vitamins.

The procedure involves aquarevitalization and peeling with the help of non-contact gas-liquid treatment of the skin. –  One of the most progressive methods of cosmetology.


The device nozzle sprays a mixture of oxygen and the smallest drops of physiological solution. Which when exposed to the skin, produces exfoliation of the skin layers. The procedure turns to superficial peeling, when it becomes necessary to exfoliate dead cells of the stratum corneum, or a deeper variant of peeling, particularly in the case of skin scars.

Besides peeling using Jet Peel subcutaneous muscle massage, lymphatic drainage of tissues, and a strong saturation of the skin with oxygen is done to improve microcirculation, which leads to improved nutrition of tissues and, as a result, a good rejuvenating effect.

The main advantages of Turbo Oxy Lift

Turbo Oxy Lift is ideally combined with all devices of EL. Mira Beauty Line, increasing the effectiveness of procedures and prolong the result.

Versatility of the device is in the absence of side effects. The device is also suitable for any type of skin, and there are no contraindications, unless the patient has existing acute infectious diseases. The device also provides visible effect immediately after the comfortable and painless procedure.


Rejuvenating effect, superficial and medial peeling; reduction of superficial wrinkles, reduction of deep wrinkles; mesotherapy without injections, deep moisturizing of the skin; massage for lymphatic drainage and tightening of soft tissues of the face, neck, décolleté; reduction of puffiness above and under the eyes due to a non-contact, soft effect on the eyelid zone; correction of the oval face and neck.

Treatment of problem skin: rapid and effective cleansing of the skin (moisturizing, freshness, clarification); solution of oily skin problems; removal of comdones; treatment of acne; improvement of skin condition with acne and post-acne; correction of scars and stretch marks; removal of age spots; correction of couperose; mesotherapy without injections.

Turbo Oxy Lift – advanced technology with outstanding results, that cares for your skin.

Beauty Skin Care

Beauty Skin Care: is a high-tech device of electroporation (needle-free mesotherapy). The Non-invasive mesotherapy helps useful components to penetrate into cells without damage and painful sensations.


Beauty Skin Care works with the application of completely new methods of aesthetic medicine:

Affects the cells with the help of pulses, opens the cell membranes and helps to penetrate the active therapeutic components, allowing the delivery of aqueous formulations without injections.

The solutions fall deep into the dermis, overcoming the stratum corneum.

Main advantages

The Beauty Skin Care uses a new non-injection technology, which uses transmembrane proteins – aquaporins, to form pores in cell membranes. This allows you to deliver the active substances directly into the cell without damaging or using needles. Visible, persistent, prolonged result immediately after the first procedure and the absence of a recovery period make the Beauty Skin Care device indispensable in every cosmetology room.

Beauty Skin Care is well combined with classical cosmetology programs of silhouette correction, peeling, rejuvenation, and is also part of the unique complex methods and procedures of El.Mira Beauty Linе.

Application area

Beauty Skin Care with electroporation technology is used in cosmetology for:

  • lifting and wrinkle removal
  • rejuvenation of the skin of the decollete and chest
  • therapy and reduction of atrophic scars
  • correction of the figure by reducing body volume
  • cellulite treatment
  • recovery after surgery, aggressive peelings, micro-grinding of the upper skin layers

Beauty Skin Care: beauty without pain is possible.

Face and Body Contouring

Face and Body Contouring is a universal multifunctional radiolift system for reducing face and body volume. The effectiveness of the Face and Body Contouring procedures multiplies in many times in a complex combination with EL.Mira Beauty Line devices like: Diamond Power, Turbo Oxy Lift, Beauty Skin Care, Lazer System, Ultra Gravity, Micro Plasma, and Plasmolifting.


Face and Body Contouring is a device for radiofrequency therapy used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine to reduce cellulite, eliminate local fat, skin tightening, reduce wrinkles.

High demands of modern women of all ages on their appearance stimulate an increased demand for lifting procedures and correctiorn of face and body.

Face and Body Contouring – the system combines the functions of vacuum + RF (radiolifting) for the face and body. The impact of radio waves reduces deep wrinkles and greatly enhances the skin tone. And all this is safe and comfortable.

  • compliance with international quality standards
  • safety and high impact accuracy
  • painless and instant effective procedures
  • prolonged result of lifting and lipolysis
  • absence of rehabilitation period
  • no need for use of syringes and needles
  • safe compatibility with other techniques and cosmetic procedures

The ability to regulate individual settings on the system allows you to achieve better therapeutic results in anatomical areas of the body. Depending on the unique needs of a particular patient, the operator can control the effect of radio-frequency energy, the penetration depth of RF waves, and also the vacuum processing steps. Such wide functionality makes it possible to adjust the machine to its optimal intensity to achieve the desired effect in a short span of time.

The combination of Face and Body Contouring functionality with El.Mira Beauty Line devices helps to increase the efficiency and the prolonged result of unique complexes and procedures.

Application area

Face and Body Contouring device of radiofrequency lifting is used for various areas of the face and body.

Non-surgical skin tightening with Face and Body Contouring helps in the following situations:

  • The change of oval shape of the face
  • formation of saggy cheeks due to biological aging or a sharp decrease in weight
  • post-surgery recovery period
  • decrease in the tone of the skin of the body as a result of pregnancy and childbirth
  • surgical intervention
  • aging
  • abrupt weight loss

Correction of wrinkles and smoothing of the skin relief is required in the following cases: the appearance of mimic, structural and aged wrinkles, the formation of stagnant spots, dilated pores and scars.

Elimination of fat by RF lipolysis in the local areas: face (correction of the “second chin”), cheeks; body (correction of the buttocks), hips, belly, sides, arms and legs.

Reduction of cellulite.

Modeling clear contours of the body to create a tight figure.

Face and Body Contouring – is a beautiful body and tightened skin.

Laser Beauty System

Laser Beauty System – is a multifunction laser system that offersablative and non-ablative radiolifting rejuvenation, photorejuvenation and photoepilation on IPL, fractional rejuvenation laser Nd: YAG 1064 n / m, veins, vessels, pigment spots.

This multifunctional laser system  is highly effective and safe when solving aesthetic cosmetology issues like: facial, scars, striae, scars, post-acne, pigmentation, vessels, and epilation.


El.Mira Beauty Line‘s Multifunctional platform Laser Beauty System offers a wide range of technologies for solving a variety of aesthetic problems in one device. Through a combination of numerous unique technologies, professionals can offer their clients options for solving aesthetic problems. Each technology is equipped with various types of nozzles, filters and nosepieces. These nozzles and other Work protocols allows you to create an expanded menu of services beneficial to your client.


The Laser Beauty System platform uses advanced patented technologies, which allows you to quickly, safely and painlessly provide the most effective results with minimal or virtually zero downtime of equipment. Devices are easy to use by specialists; all nozzles have adjustable mode settings for individual adaptation to the characteristics of the client’s skin. The technologies used are safe for all skin types, including thin, sensitive, tanned and pigmented skin.

You choose the technologies that best suit your needs.

The Laser Beauty System platform is equipped with several nozzles for solving a wide range of aesthetic cosmetology issues.

Application area

The Laser Beauty System platform includes the most popular technologies for aesthetic beauty including :

  • skin tightening
  • shaping the contours of the body and face
  • treatment of cellulite
  • rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles
  • treatment of all skin problems: acne, pigmentation, vascular asterisks
  • correction of scars
  • skin regeneration
  • depilation

Laser Beauty System solves complex issues quickly, safely and highly efficiently.

Ultra Gravity

Ultra Gravity – is a radio wave technology for weight loss,  body correction, and powerful facelift with improved turgor and texture of the skin. The new Ultra Gravity platform, with advanced RF technology, removes the second chin, provides lifting, rejuvenation of  the skin, and restoration of  healthy skin texture.


Ultra Gravity provides thermal therapy with the heating of two layers of bio tissue.

The new platform for aesthetic treatment, based on the advanced AFT & EDF light pulse technology. Works in a way that the AFT technology increases the number of pulses and controls the time and degree of their penetration for safer and more efficient procedures. While The EDF technology evenly spreads the density of each pulse across the entire surface, avoiding peak values. This combination of technologies allows you to obtain stable results and a high level of safety, to achieve significant clinical improvements with minimal skin damage and discomfort onthe patient.


Radio frequency system Ultra Gravity combines two technologies of radio-frequency exposure in one device. Each technology – bipolar and unipolar – allows you to spread the therapeutic warm-up to different depths of skin tissues in the body

The wide possibilities of the Ultra Gravity system allows for performing highly effective procedures both on the body and on the face.

The Ultra Gravity system is an easy-to-use device that does not require auxiliary electrodes, consumables, and replaceable elements. The pronounced effect of treatment after the first procedure; the possibility of obtaining stable results regardless of climatic conditions and time of year, the possibility of treatment in areas of the body where the skin is stretched due to age-related changes, elastoses and post-surgical trauma, for example, after liposuction – and all this is painless, comfortable and effective.

Application area

A convenient and painless way to tighten the skin and give it tonag.

The Ultra Gravity system rejuvenates the skin, restores its healthy texture quickly, safely and painlessly to patients. The technology IN-Motion (working in motion) gradually heats the layers of the skin, which makes the procedure very comfortable for the patient.

Clinical indications for the Ultra Gravity system include: cellulite treatment, skin tightening, and body correction.

Micro Plasma

The Micro Plasma device, with its unique patented “transepidermal delivery via impulses” technology, combines the work of two modules which allow working with the widest spectrum of aesthetic and medical problems in patients and guaranteeing them a long-term clinical effect. Micro Plasma – solves the most difficult questions of aesthetic cosmetology in the shortest time and with the best result: skin aging, post-surgical, post-traumatic scars, scars and post-acne scars, stretch marks and striae, alopecia treatment, dermatosis treatment.

Micro Plasma

The Micro Plasma device, with its unique patented “transepidermal delivery via impulses” technology, combines the work of two modules which allow working with the widest spectrum of aesthetic and medical problems in patients and guaranteeing them a long-term clinical effect. Micro Plasma – solves the most difficult questions of aesthetic cosmetology in the shortest time and with the best result: skin aging, post-surgical, post-traumatic scars, scars and post-acne scars, stretch marks and striae, alopecia treatment, dermatosis treatment.


The technology of the Micro Plasma device generates plasma sparks that create micro-channels in the skin. With ultrasonic acoustic vibrations, cosmeceutical agents penetrate into the damaged skin tissue through the formed microchannels.


Micro Plasma is the first system in the world that combines pixel radio wave needle technology with ultrasound technology.
Micro Plasma is a minimally invasive device for the effective treatment of keloid scars, stretch marks, acne scars.

The Micro Plasma device processes sections of any size on the face and body and simultaneously heals various problems. A consistent combination of two effectively complementary procedures that can eliminate the aesthetic disadvantages of any complexity.

The absence of a long recovery period, maximum safety and efficiency of the procedure, fast processing, and wide impact area make the Micro Plasma device indispensable in every cosmetology room.


A unique combination of Innovative “double system” of radio wave needle therapy together with ultrasound therapy allows solving such complex issues of aesthetic cosmetology as:

  • treatment of stretch marks
  • treatment of post-acne scars
  • treatment of all types of scars
  • whitening and skin rejuvenation
  • all signs of skin aging

Micro Plasma is the best solution for the complex problems of aesthetic cosmetology.


Infinity from EL.Mira Beauty Line is a multifunctional laser platform: facial rejuvenation, pigmentation, vessels, veins, and tattoo removal, fractional laser rejuvenation Nd: YAG Q-Switched 1064-nm.

Infinity from EL.Mira Beauty Line offers a full range of solutions in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, which will maximize the range of provided services and the business potential of your clinic / beauty center. Infinity offers about 20 different laser and light technologies allowing to solve more than 65 medical / aesthetic problems.

IN-Motion Technology

The unique technology IN-Motion combines the simultaneous cooling of the surface with the necessary thermal impact on the target skin tissues. The procedure is performed in motion, minimizing the risk of injuries and providing painless treatment for the patient.

Technology of the cooled long-pulse Nd: YAG laser.

Nd: YAG is used for the treatment of superficial / deep blood vessels and non-ablative face treatment of a person to rejuvenate the skin. The module has a unique and completely independent constant cooling mechanism, which provides protection of the skin from burns.

Infinity from EL.Mira Beauty Line combines a full range of aesthetic indications, advanced technologies and excellent clinical results.

The first of its kind fractional Q-Switched 1064-nm laser for high-speed skin remodeling and total rejuvenation without a recovery period.

  • Infinity from EL.Mira Beauty Line – a full complex of laser capabilities in one combine.
  • More than 30 indications for treatment. Fast and efficient procedures with In-Motion technology (work in motion).
  • A guaranteed solution to any aesthetic problem.
  • Safe treatment due to absolute control of exposure parameters.
  • Effective – allows you to produce subtle individual settings and use ready-made programs.
  • for one procedure, you can use several types of programs for 100% problem resolution in the shortest possible time.
  • Efficacy is proven by clinical studies conducted around the world
  • The procedures do not require a recovery period.
  • No side effects.
  • Without pain medications.

Infinity from EL.Mira Beauty Line solves absolutely all spectrum of aesthetic problems: skin remodeling, hyperpigmentation, lifting, vascular lesions, acne and post acne, removal of tattoos.

Clear Skin

Advanced technology for effective, quick and painless permanently hair removal! Epilation is the most demanded procedure today. To eliminate unwanted hairs, various technologies and techniques are used, but the most effective techniques are recognized as the light technologies.

Clear Skin is a multifunctional platform with three types of laser: Alex 755-nm, Diode and Nd: YAG Q-Switched 1064-nm for hair removal of facial and body skin.

Several technologies in one platform give the possibility of a quick hair removal solution safely and permanently.

Due to the high intensity of repetition of pulses of low power, the epilation process is carried out step by step heating the hair bulb, leading to its destruction. In this case, the surrounding tissue is not damaged.

The continuous “sliding” motion of the In-Motion nozzle allows the energy of the pulse to be distributed quickly and evenly over the treated area, which shortens the time of the procedure and excludes the possibility of gaps in the processing area. Guarantee of absolute cleanliness.

The built-in thermoelectric cooling system of the skin is effective throughout the epilation. Protection against risk of burns. 100% comfort for the patient.

Revolutionary hair removal technologies combine the use of several compact applicator nozzles that significantly reduce the time of the procedure and at the same time repeatedly improve the result. Use of the device is possible all year round.

The procedures on the Clear Skin are comfortable, safe and highly effective.

Plasma Lifting

A unique device for a special technique for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. The method is based on the patient’s own plasma.


Platelet rich plasma is injected to activate the functions of connective skin tissue. As a consequence, the biochemical mechanism of natural rejuvenation is launched at the expense of the body’s own reserves.

Cells of connective skin tissue (fibroblasts), located in deep layers, begin to synthesize collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Along with this, the matrix of the dermal layer is restored and stimulation of macrophages of the skin begins to destroy excess melanin.

Activation of own cells promotes “self-rejuvenation” and gives excellent results without surgical intervention and other cardinal measures.

Indications for procedures

The procedure can be performed at any age, when the age-related changes in the facial skin become visible and cosmetic defects appear. Usually the first signs of skin aging begin to appear after 30-35 years.

The procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  • Age-related changes in the skin connective tissue fibers (elastosis).
  • Reduced skin turgor.
  • Dryness and peeling.
  • The appearance of the first small wrinkles.
  • Initial manifestations of ptosis of the facial and neck.
  • The formation of skin stretches due to rapid weight loss.
  • Strong skin irradiation with ultraviolet light.
  • Rehabilitation of the skin after peeling (laser or chemical).
    Inflammation of the sebaceous glands (acne).

A unique combination of Plasma Lifting device with the full range of hardware techniques El.Mira Beauty Line makes it indispensable in every room of aesthetic cosmetology.

Integral Beauty

Integral Beauty is an advanced multifunctional system for skin tightening, figure correction and aesthetic perfection. Integral Beauty combines the latest advances in ultrasound (US) and RF exposure (RF) to provide effective and individual treatments with natural and lasting results.


Combining technologies previously presented only in selected systems makes Integral Beauty the most flexible and versatile system for body contouring, body shaping, facial contouring, rejuvenation, skin polishing, skin lifting, cellulite treatment, non-invasive lipolysis, and hyperhidrosis treatment.

Exceptional technologies

Innovative applicators and attachments use the latest, safe and highly efficient technologies:

  • This new Ultrasonic technology  comes with an increased size of the working surface for high-speed contouring of the body which allow working with high power levels and cooled vacuum mechanism to maximize the effectiveness of treatment.
  • effective dielectric heating is a unique mechanism where high radio frequency (RF) energy is transferred directly to the skin tissue, causing a rapid rotation of the water molecules, promoting a deep uniform heating
  • technology of focal, safe and deep heating of tissue at various depths of the skin
  • depth control of exposure – a technology that allows you to control the exact depth of treatment with focused heating of the corresponding layers of skin
  • a system for selecting the mode of transverse (“cold”) or longitudinal (“hot”) ultrasonic waves and the ability to combine both modes with one applicator for maximum results
  • The procedures with Integral Beauty are safe and effective for any skin type (I-VI), as well as for sensitive and delicate areas of the face, neck and décolleté.
  • Stepwise heating and the built-in cooling system prevent pain, making the procedure as comfortable for the patient as possible.
  • Combined technologies and treatment parameters lead to faster, longer results with fewer procedures.
  • Absence of recovery period
  • Your clients can return to their normal life immediately after the procedure.
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